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British Council

A content driven platform, to teach English to users in an engaging way

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Increase market share for The British Council, to compete with other online English language providers, in a compelling way, for today’s digital audience.


Latimer developed a platform, to be touchpoint for young people, to learn English in an engaging modern way, similar to the way that they would already consume digital & social content.

The development process started in co-creation workshops with the target audience, to advise on the build of the product.

We then went on to develop a pilot Beta platform, which launched across 16 countries across wider Europe.

Latimer enlisted the help of the some of the UK’s leading arts institutions to supply content, such as BAFTA, Random Acts, Time Out and SBTV.


The end result was The English Channel, a website which brings together interesting UK arts content, combined with English language practice.

Through a variety of film, music and lifestyle videos, users develop English skills and further explore the content and language.


The English Channel is now being rolled out globally, in the rest of Europe, India & Africa.

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Global Rollout