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Get It Right

Latimer worked with Get It Right from a Genuine Site, to inspire young people, to support all
of the content they love - in the fields of music, film, sport, gaming, TV and publishing,
by accessing it from genuine services.

  • Influencers


To develop a campaign that would activate influencers and the general public to speak up about how much time they spend working on their creative passion, through content that communicated the #GetItRight campaign message.


Latimer sourced 12 influencers and vloggers to take part in the #GetItRight campaign. We attended 12 events, each one relevant to our influencers, to capture them conducting their creative passion. We asked our influencers one question that formed the basis for all content, ‘how much time do you spend on your creative passion?’
From YouTuber JMX telling his audience about the time and effort that goes into making his YouTube gaming videos, to rapper Ghetts, telling his audience about the effort that goes into making the music tracks we all love to listen to.
A competition mechanic was used to heighten engagement and encourage their audiences to post to tell us how much time they channelled into their creativity.

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