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The Hunter Foundation

The Hunter Foundation wanted to repurpose the impartial EU Referendum information available in the e-Book ‘Britain’s Decision’ into digestible, bitesize content for a millennial audience.

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To create a millennial focused campaign that would debunk myths and common misconceptions around the EU Referendum and what it would meant to leave or remain within the EU.


Latimer partnered with influencers The Wall of Comedy to expose the knowledge deficit amongst the UK public on the EU Referendum with creating 1 x hero film and 4 topical mini-films.
All content was plugged with a condensed PDF version of ‘Britain’s Decision’. Over 100 social posts engaged an online audience with the key messages from Britain’s Decision, directing them to learn more via a condensed version of ‘Britain’s Decision’ that we had prepared. To bolster engagement, we also worked with online publisher The TAB to reach an extremely engaged segment of the target audience through bespoke content.


We reached 2 million millennials and saw 600k engagements with our EU referendum materials, plus over 50% growth in followers for The Hunter Foundation - an added bonus to running such a topical and relevant campaign.

The content co-produced with The TAB generated 200k social engagements, inclusive of video views, likes, comments and shares.

The condensed version of Britain’s Decision generated over 3,000 direct engagements, classified as link clicks, downloads or views.

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