Our Work


Content created with school children, to encourage their peers
to stay safe as pedestrians, passengers or cyclists.

  • Community
  • Content


Create video led learning content, to be used within the classroom, as a resource toolkit to sit on the Think website, addressing road safety for 3 ages group from 3-16. The content needed to be stand alone, as well as fit within the Think educational classroom resource.


We recruited a community of 3-16 years olds, to understand what the contributing factors were to a lack of road safety.
We talked through key road safety stats provided by DFT, that affected their age group. Crossing the road with ‘Stop Look Listen Think’ for 3-6 year olds, taking your first solo journey with 7-12 years and helping to unearth why 13-16s tended to have the highest fatality rate. From these audience led insights, we developed content treatments, with 2 x films per age group; working directly with schools, to make the content. Pupils not only featured in the content but helped co-produce the content leading their photography and illustration skills to the films.


The films are currently being released to all schools that cover the PSHE curriculum, to educate children about road safety, with relatable content, created by their peers. We worked with over 100 young people in workshops and on the shoots.