Our Work


Latimer teamed up with US skate lifestyle brand SUPRA to help
them understand and reach UK and European consumers.

  • Community
  • Insight


Develop a deeper understanding of the skate, streetwear and fashion (footwear and apparel) sectors within the UK and identify opportunities for SUPRA to increase market share within those consumer segments.


Latimer generated insights with over 3,000 young men aged between 16-25; identifying emerging trends in UK music, fashion and culture.

We then moved in to co-creating a marketing strategy including developed campaign ideas, with 25 influential tastemakers from the UK skate scene.


The community pinpointed opportunities for SUPRA to increase their market share within relevant UK consumer segments.

They co-developed a strategic marketing plan, with measurable objectives for SUPRA to action.

The community were so engaged with the co-creation process, that SUPRA ended up with a group of advocates for their brand and their future campaigns.


Supra Co-Creators

Strategic Report