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“Going to the Dogs was undoubtedly a better, more contextualised look than most
at how poverty and lack of opportunity can brutalise people.” The Guardian

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Develop programming ideas based around sub-cultures for Cutting Edge, Channel 4’s flagship documentary series, that focuses on political and social issues, to spark debate and conversation.


Following the 400% increase in dog fighting across the UK, Latimer produced a peak-time documentary that explored the issue and shone a light on animal cruelty.
‘Going To The Dogs’ was a visceral and exciting documentary that got the audience close to this fascinating and hidden world and explored philosophical questions around our preoccupation with brutality.

Latimer worked directly with the community involved and affected by the issue and partnered with award-winning director, Penny Woolcock, to give the film unprecedented authenticity.


The film generated mass awareness across digital, social and every major newspaper and opened up a national debate on animal cruelty and food production practices.

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