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Public Health England

Building resilience by co-creating content for young people,
with young people around issues they face daily

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Public Health England wanted to equip young people with coping strategies for the most challenging pressures they face in an ‘always on’ social media generation, including online bullying, exam stress, body image and lack of sleep.


Latimer recruited a community aged 11-18 and put them at the heart of the process.

We workshopped and listened to their experiences with the issues first hand.

These insights then informed content, which we produced in order help young people deal with the pressures they face.

All content was fronted by influencers that the community had identified as positive role models for themselves and their peers.


Five audience first pieces of influencer fronted content with Roman Kemp, Snoochie Shy, Paigey Cakey, Tobi Shinobi and Andrew Henderson, delivering over 2 million views amongst the target audience.

All content was posted from influencer’s own social channels, to further extend the reach of the content and endorse the message to their young followers.

Lesson plans for schools have been created using the content, designed to help teachers facilitate open and informed conversations about a range of sometimes challenging areas of PSHE education.

Million Views