Our Work

The British Council

Latimer worked with the world’s largest cultural organisation to set up and incubate
six digital innovation labs across Wider Europe.

  • Community
  • Insight
  • Strategy


To connect the British Council with talented European graduates to help develop new digital products and services that connect young language learners with opportunities to learn English and engage with British culture.


Latimer recruited 18 of the most exciting young graduates from across Europe to become founding members of a graduate innovation lab.

In six European cities we recruited teams of three (made up of designers, coders and entrepreneurs) to develop, test and iterate proposals for innovative educational tech products, alongside a wider digital community of co-creators


The innovation lab teams presented their proposals in London to the British Council and other stakeholders.

The product insights and strategies developed from this work changed the way The British Council approached the use of digital video in language learning.

Co-creation is now a core part of The British Council’s Global Planning strategy.

European Cities

Graduate Entrepreneurs

Online Co-Creators