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Launching World Meat Free week with Greenpeace

There are so many issues facing our world today; from climate change and water pollution, through to animal welfare and deforestation.

It can be overwhelming to try and figure out how we can make a difference and do our bit to help tackle these issues.

For our World Meat Free Week 2018 campaign with Greenpeace, simplicity was key.

We wanted people to pledge to reduce their meat intake for just 1 day, showing that a little change could make all the difference.

We asked 9 micro-influencers from around the world to give their audiences practical and easy tips for reducing meat consumption, which could then be applied to their lives.

Here are the tips and recipes they shared to help their followers achieve a more plant based lifestyle and contribute towards a healthier planet:

Nadine, Switzerland

Grow your own veg and shop locally at farmers markets, to make delicious dishes. 


Polly & Viv, Greece

Breakfast smoothies – one of the best ways to kick start your day!   


Claudia, Spain

Build your own Budda Bowl – lunch time, sorted.   


Kayleen, Philippines

Walking! Better for you, better for the environment. And why not take it a step further by bringing out reusable cutlery and water bottles?


Julia, Austria  

Three delicious plant based recipes featuring, yep you guessed it… avocado.


Noy Kai, Israel

Show your loved ones that plant based dishes are tasty, because two happy bellies are better than one!


Thikumporn, Thailand

Fuel your exercise regime with protein, which you can get from beans, nuts, pulses and legumes.


Nanna, Denmark  

Flip classic dishes on their head by swapping meat for veg, like a veggie lasagna or chilli.  


Stefano, Italy

Do as the Italians do and eat a fruit salad, poolside! When in Rome!


Take a look at the results after only one week of launching in our World Meat Free Week case study.

And if you need help getting young people engaged with your brand or cause, get in touch!