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Latimer presents… #Guerrilla Preview Screening

Have you seen Guerrilla yet? Friday 7th April saw the preview screening of a new Sky Atlantic drama series, Guerrilla, hosted by Latimer at Curzon Bloomsbury.

Written and directed by John Ridley, Guerrilla explores the Black Power Movement in a 1970s London and is set to air tonight at Thursday 13th April, 9pm (where the full boxset will be available).

In his foreword for Guerrilla, Ridley said:

‘Between oppression and liberation lies resistance. It is a space – both fertile, and unforgiving – that has been travelled by history’s most influential revolutionaries… Guerrilla is rooted in the realities of an era where the young and the passionate of differing backgrounds found themselves united by a struggle for the right of people of colour, of the oppressed, the disenfranchised , and the marginalized.’

Piqued your curiosity yet? 

We don’t hear stories like this often enough on broadcast TV – there is so much to Guerrilla, from a historical perspective, that many of us didn’t even know before watching it. For many in the audience it was the first time people saw their history (or a history similar to theirs) being played back to them on the big screen. For others it was the first time hearing what ancestors and relatives will have lived through.

The night saw some of the most influential, creative minds join forces to celebrate the diversity of the cast, crew and storyline that is presented through the show. With appearances from cast members, including the likes of Freida Pinto, Babou Ceesay, Brandon Scott, Daniel Myers, Zawe Ashton and many more, our invitees (interested in working both behind and in front of the lens) had the unique opportunity to tap into the minds of those who brought Guerrilla to life through an intimate cast and crew talent mixer.

Alongside the Guerrilla screening, the event also hosted the debut screening of SBTV’s accompanying mini documentary, ‘Guerrilla Sounds’. Introduced on the night by its Director Ntando Brown, Guerrilla Sounds follows Creative and Poet (and friend of Latimer), Kojey Radical, as he explores the experiences faced by those fighting for justice in London in the 1970s. The documentary culminates with Kojey’s musical interpretation of the struggles at the time, performed in a duet with singer-songwriter Rebecca Ferguson.

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