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PWITS : Possession With Intent To Supply

PWITS is a creative collaboration between a group of young people from west London, members of the Latimer network, west London’s youth offending service and us! In true Latimer fashion, together, we built everything from the ground up, including the story structure, scene by scene breakdown, characterisation, improvised scripts and beyond.


We cast non-actors in the lead roles – putting new talent in front and behind the camera to bring the film to life in the most genuine way possible. It was important to the group that the language used in the film would connect with other young people, some of whom may be experiencing some of the issues faced in PWITS.

PWITS (Possession With Intent to Supply) follows Riley when when he is caught at a crossroads. He can either follow the path his brother has taken selling drugs on the estate, or take the advice of his best friend and do something else instead. Watch the full film above.


PWITS fits perfectly with Latimer’s values because the process was all about allowing communities to have a direct response and impact on the issues that affect them most. We believe that the only people who can truly tell a story of lived experience are those who have been through the motions themselves!





The film lives on The Trap UK, an educational resource and grassroots initiative designed to challenge the belief that carrying a knife keeps you safe and selling drugs on the street leaves behind no victims.

Riley, the brother of Hero, who plays the lead in PWITS was also up for Young Mayor of Lewisham. If you want to support him further, see how Riley rallied support for his campaign by clicking here!

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