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We’re working with #GetItRight

This year, we’re continuing to work with Get It Right to inspire people across the UK to support the content they love by accessing it from genuine sites.

#GetItRight helps people get the music, TV, films, games, books, newspapers, magazines and sport that they love from genuine services that support UK creativity. Considering we know how much time, energy and hard work the Latimer community put into their creative passions, it is obviously a campaign very close to our hearts, and so we’re really pleased to be able to get involved!

Launched in August 2015, the campaign has already reached around 14% of the UK population between the ages of 16-50, and Latimer are working with influencers across the worlds of TV, film, publishing, gaming, sports and music to help their message reach even more people.

Every time you watch, listen, read or play, you make a choice, either to support the things you love and help them flourish and grow, or to contribute nothing. By supporting what you love, you invest in creating more of it and the development of new artists and ideas.

If you’re passionate about the value of creativity, then why not get involved?

There are two ways you can support:

1. Share a photo on twitter or insta of you holding up a piece of paper with how many hours you spend on your creative passion with the hashtag #GetItRight, tagging @GetItRight

2. Tweet how many hours you spend on your creative passion with the hashtag #GetItRight and tag @GetItRight eg ‘I spend 40 hours a week editing content #GetItRight @GetItRight
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