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Adrian Lester on Co-Creation

‘Getting new creatives to reinvent old institutions is the way to help them survive, I support it.’ – Adrian Lester
Last month at Latimer Talks, Adrian Lester, star of BBC series Undercover, told our audience that he sees co-creation as the future of broadcast media.
Co-creation is at the essence of everything we do at Latimer so it’s great that its importance is being recognised by an actor as established as Lester. The statement only further proves the value and power of the co-creator.
Major broadcast institutions are beginning to realise that listening to their audiences is a wise move to stay relevant, and more and more, talented young creatives are being brought in to the creative process.
Take the Latimer x BBC Three Playground for example, where a group of young creatives from BBC Three’s audience worked to briefs to produce innovative, engaging content for the channel’s online move. Through the project, the creatives were transformed from passive viewers to active co-creators of a channel that they had long been fans of.
As a co-creator in the broadcast industry, you not only get to shape the thingsĀ that you would normally just watch, it’s also an opportunity to get recognition for your talents and even a chance to get a foot in the door at major organisations.
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