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Get The Facts on Immigration and The EU Ref

Immigration is a hot topic in the #EURef debate, but it can be difficult to know who to believe. Get your facts straight from our impartial guide HERE.

Why not test your knowledge on immigration in our quick True or False quiz? Answers are at the bottom of the page.
1. True or False – Migrants are a strain on the UK economy and hinder our economic growth potential
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2. True or False – Migrants make a substantial contribution to our public services through taxes
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3. True or False – Migrants are twice as likely to rely on the welfare system than natives
4.  True or False – Brexit would have zero impact on our own ability to travel and emigrate
5. True or False – Migrants have zero effect on the employment and conditions of native-born workers
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1. – False – Migrants boost our economic growth
2. – True
3. – False – Migrants are less likely to be supported by welfare than natives
4. – False – If the UK were to impose hefty immigration policies post Brexit, we would likely face similar ones ourselves
5. – False – Migrants do have modest effects on the employment and conditions of native-born workers
How did you do?? Get the facts from our impartial guide.