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The EU Referendum – Join The Hunter Foundation’s Conversation to #DebunkTheBias

With just over 3 weeks until the EU Referendum, we thought it was high time we joined the conversation! As of today, we’re taking over The Hunter Foundation’s Facebook and Twitter social channels to provide young voters with impartial information to help them make their own minds’ up in time for the vote. Be sure to join the conversation #DebunkTheBias #BritainsDecision

If you’re as tired as we are of all of all the bias, exaggeration and motives surrounding the debate, then carry on reading…

Not sure which sources you can trust to give you the right information? We’ve got everything you need to get clued up. No hidden agenda. Just pure, simple commentary setting out arguments for both sides.

The Hunter Foundation have commissioned a free ebook filled with impartial analysis from experts on the key questions surrounding the debate. We’ll be creatively bringing this book to life to make it more digestible and appealing. The hope is that you will form your own decision based on this analysis from a source without an agenda.

On June 23rd, we as UK citizens will take one of the most critical decisions for the UK’s future and we want to be as best prepared as we can be to make a truly informed decision. If you agree, give The Hunter Foundation a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter to keep up with our conversation.