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Cannes Lions: the power of social good marketing

Brands that connect purchase with purpose is the future of marketing, according to Keith Weed, Unilever’s multinational chief marketing officer, whose talk drew one of the largest crowds so far at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival for Creativity.

Titled “Marketing for People,” Weed spoke on the importance of brands acting with purpose and doing good in the world while also building trust, claiming corporations that only use social responsibility as a way to balance the bad they do will no longer be acceptable among consumers.

“Our industry is going through significant changes,” Weed said. “And there are challenges as well as opportunities, but marketers and agencies need to lead … We can do well and do good … There’s never been a better time to work together to create a bright future.”

Weed isn’t just talking the talk either. He actually walks it.

According to Weed, last year Unilever’s sustainable living brands accounted for half of the company’s growth, growing twice as fast as other products. And he’s not the only one recognising the success of this approach.

Cheil Worldwide Chief Digital Officer Peter Kim addressed similar themes during his Cannes Lions talk a few days earlier.

“We are long overdue for a course correction, which will require brands to stop feeding consumer egos and start working on platforms for social good,” Kim said.

Kim went on to add that brands must think long-term in recognising how empowering the socially disadvantaged and promoting equality will benefit them.

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