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Building youth resilience in Newham

Latimer is excited to be working with The Young Foundation on a pilot project to improve mental resilience in young people aged 10 to 18 years old in Newham.

Commissioned by Newham Council and funded by The Big Lottery, Latimer will target local schools, youth groups, colleges, academies and more to recruit young people, parents and local influencers to co-create the Headstart campaign.

Research from the National Institute of Mental Health shows that half of mental health struggles have already begun by age 14. Headstart aims to promote awareness and provide advice to young people and their parents on dealing with stress and change. By getting people to talk, we hope to build a supportive community network that will provide young people with the resources, support system and tools to build their own resilience and become active agents of change within their communities. By building the skills and confidence of young locals, we will ensure the campaign lives beyond the life of the project. From coping mechanisms to healthy behavioural changes, all Headstart advice will be readily available to the public no matter what their situation. By improving the general wellbeing of young people in Newham, Headstart will be instrumental in reducing other potential challenges such as unemployment, poor health or crime later in life.

In true Latimer fashion we will be putting the experiences of young people at the heart of the campaign to ensure it resonates with those it reaches. Latimer will be holding insight workshops throughout May and June 2015 with Newham locals to determine exactly what is missing from the status quo. We’ll be looking for local stakeholders, youth influencers, 10 to 18 year olds and parents to build individual wellbeing to ensure that young people in Newham lead more fulfilling lives. These co-creators will help in anchoring key campaign messaging to local contexts, driving the creation, design and implementation of Headstart within the borough.

The journey starts here – if this is a topic close to your heart or you wish to put yourself forward as a co-creator, we want to hear from you! Get in touch with us at info@latimergroup.org with your subject reading ‘Newham Co-creator’.