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The winner of Most Disruptive Business goes to…Latimer Group!

We won the Real Business Everline Future 50 Award for being the most disruptive business.

Here’s what the guys at Real Business had to sayFuture 50v2

“Latimer Group have been nothing but spectacular, with campaigns that are fresh and visionary and co-created directly with young new talent that enables them to reach audiences that today’s brands and broadcasters are desperately looking to connect with.

Recently heralded in The Guardian as “Moral Mad Men”, Latimer Group represent a new breed of co-creation agency. The company’s pioneering working method places young people at the heart of campaigns for the government and third sector, big brands and TV broadcast.

The authenticity and reach of its co-creation and distribution model is serviced by a network of around 30,000 young creatives and by collaboratively aligning young people and industry in this way, young people experience an inspiring way of developing networks, skills and crucially employment.  Some of its customers now include the likes of Mediacom, The Guardian, and BBC Worldwide.

“There’s a sense in which traditional agencies marketing to youth demographics are sitting in their ivory towers, trying to guess what young people care about,” explained co-founder Matt Hay. “Our working model is about allowing those youth audiences to instead shape those campaigns for themselves. We have young people in our Agency working on content every step of the way, from the development stages through to final production and that’s why hopefully we’re involved in work that has real authenticity and cut through with youth audiences.”

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