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Five trends in young digital making

Today’s youth were born into the digital world. They are constantly learning, communicating and creating through tech—that’s probably pretty obvious. However, as the latest Nesta report on the state of Digital Making in the UK reveals, we still have a long way to go.

1. 82 per cent of young people say they are interested in digital making. However, half of young people make things with digital technology less than once a week or never.

2. Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of digital making. 89 per cent think it is a worthwhile activity for their children. 73 per cent encourage their children to make things with technology.

3. We identified 130,800 opportunities to experience digital making provided by the organisations surveyed. This is a long way from providing for the interest shown by 82 per cent of our survey, which represents a possible 8.2 million school age children and young people in the UK.

4. Digital making is powered not just by money, but also by volunteers. Two thirds of the organisations identified said they relied on volunteers to do their work.

5. Only half of teachers who teach ICT or computing report being confident in teaching the curriculum.

You can download the full Nesta report here.

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