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Davos – seriously interesting stuff!

What’s Davos all about then? 2, 000 of the world’s most influential leaders and politicians meet to talk about serious stuff. But is any of this serious stuff interesting? We think so, and we’re even more interested when powerful people in the media join the politicians and talk about the issues that matter; the economy, the environment and the future for young people.

Last year, we were lucky enough to work with Will.i.am through The IDEA Award. We witnessed his passion to involve young people in tech, and at Davos he made an address on the importance of technology. Like us, he believes that young people who embrace technology will increase entrepreneurship across the world and bring about change from within their own local communities. He’s just launched his new foundation, i.am.angel. The title is brilliant, “Transforming lives through education, inspiration and opportunity” and we love the fact it’s built around positive role models and mentoring – something we’ve been offering to our network since 2002 and continue to deliver.

Another favourite man of ours, Pharrell teamed up with Al Gore to announce the second Live Earth music event, which will be held on all seven continents this June to gather support for climate action. Our friends at The Tab recently ran a student survey – findings made clear that young people really do care about the environment. The Green Party are now more popular than Tories and are coming close to Labour.

Two billion people are expected to watch the gigs and we think this is a great example of how serious stuff, when in the hands of talented entertainers, can be really interesting after all.

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