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Riots Revisited Film Festival 15 August: The Panelists


Panel one: Riots in the Media
Fahim Alam, Lorna Forbes, Flo Codjoe, David Hoffman

Fahim Alam: Producer of Riots Reframed
Riots Revisited was conceived soon after law graduate Fahim was released from prison on bail, after being wrongly arrested for taking part in the riots. with virtually no knowledge of filming and editing, he set out to make an independent and complex documentary.

Lorna Forbes: VInspired
Lorna joined vInspired in 2007 with four years in advertising research working with clients targeting 16 – 25 year olds and 7 years with a volunteering charity; the perfect mix of skills to lead vInspired’s marketing team. She oversees marketing the diversity of our work, from project managing large events to leading on impactful campaigns to shine a spotlight on the amazing benefits of volunteering.

Flo Codjoe: Writer at Exposure UK and Filmmaker
Flo was a part of the Future Films DocNext Programme with BFI Future Films. Exposure is a charitable youth media enterprise. Her film Home Town Glory is screening in the Riot Shorts room.

David Hoffman: Independent Photojournalist
Has specialised in social issues photography for more than 30 years. Much of his work centres on the increasingly visible control that the state exerts over our lives and choices. Racial and social conflict, policing, homelessness, drugs, poverty, social exclusion and environmental protection are documented, often through coverage of protest.

Panel two: I Riot Because I Can

Sebastian Thiel:Award Winning Social Entrepreneur & Film Director
With experience in Producing, Editing, Writing and Camera Operation, Seb created Its Upshot – an Entertainment Production & Online Broadcasting company in his late teens.

CK Flash: Former drivetime DJ at Choice FM London and the Peckham BMX coach
CK recently starred in the uplifting documentary, One Way UP about Peckham BMX. Peckham BMX was founded on a patch of land between two tower blocks controlled by rival gangs, an area that was in the epicentre of the 2011 riots. Former BMX racer and DJ, CK believes that BMX is a way off the streets. The film follows two riders who went on to represent the country and meet the Prime Minister.

Polly Courtney: Author of six novels as well as a regular commentator on TV and radio.
Polly made her name in 2006 with Golden Handcuffs, a semi-autobiographical account of life in the Square Mile. Subsequent books have tackled sexism, racism, lads’ mags, immigration, fame culture and the wealth divide. Self-publishing Feral Youth, a compelling story set during the London riots, she tells the story from the perspective of a disenfranchised 15-year-old girl.

Teddy Nygh: Co-Founder of Fully-Focused productions
Teddy began his career as an actor and during this time, made two major decisions that would shape his career path for the future. Firstly, he began working with young people who were at risk of underachieving. Secondly he picked up a camera and made his first film in 2004. This film, a multi award winning hip-hop documentary called Clash Of The Tight One’s, is where Nygh cut his teeth as a director.

Panel Three: Making Riot History

Nicky ‘Slim Ting’ Walker: Writer / Actor/ Filmmaker
Nicky has achieved great things in the UK film and music industry. His debut feature film ‘It’s A Lot’ (2013) is a British urban comedy that he co-wrote and co-produced and being screened on NetFlix. He has recently produced the ‘The Intent’ and is working at Latimer to change the shape of urban online entertainment.

Femi Oyeniran: Actor, Director and spokesman for youth culture
Femi studied law and has written and directed a new film, It’s a Lot. A graduate of the London School of Economics, Oyeniran had to balance his first year of studying law with the 2006 release of Kidulthood, a hormone and adrenaline-fuelled urban blockbuster that sent him down a career path he’d never thought possible.

Dylan Duffus: Actor, Director and one-time gang member
Dylan stars in Penny Woolcock’s One Mile Away. Part of the the Burger Bar Boys, Dylan is now out of crime and perusing a successsful career in the industry.

Symeon Brown: Senior researcher of The Guardian’s Reading The Riots study
Investigative Journalist and co-founder of Haringey Young People Empowered (HYPE), which aims to improve youth and community relations and give young people a stake in the democratic process. Symeon was a senior researcher on The Guardian’s in-house Reading the Riots study. Describing himself as an ’activist/writer on youth, justice and urbanism’, he’s written interesting pieces on why the riots happened and how society can be rebuilt.