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Riots Revisited, Film Festival 15 August 2014 at the BFI

Three years ago, there was Anarchy in the UK. Where were you?

Some of us, like Riots Reframed directed Fahim Alam were innocently trapped in the middle, some were directly involved like ex Burger Boys Gang member and actor Dylan Duffus; and some, observed the mayhem, grabbed a camera and went on to create the powerful films being shown at Riots Revisited.

Riots Revisited is a Film Festival, curated by Latimer and held on Friday 15th at the BFI from 11 – 6
RSVP here, or turn up on the day before 10.30am to gain entry.



Studio One:

Riots Reframed by Fahim Alam: A feature-length documentary which reframes England’s 2011 riots through voices of resistance – threading these perspectives together using moody instrumentals, dramatic monologue and raw spoken word. This hard-hitting film is unique both in its scope and the journey that produced it.

Panel: Riots in the Media. In this panel, we’ll be looking at how the riots were portrayed in the media, while asking the questions: was it a just portrayal? Was there a just cause? What triggered the riots? Who came off worst?
Speakers: Fahim Alam, Producer of Riots Reframed, Floe Codjoe, a young filmmaker and David Hoffman, a world renowned photo-Journalist who’s captured youth unrest since the 1980’s will Skype in.

Lunch break 13.00 – 13.30

Trap Town by Sebastian Thiel: This film tells the story of Babatunde, who is from the tough North London estate, Broadwater Farm. Both an actor and comedian, Babatunde will go on a personal journey of discovery to find out more about the UK riots, wanting to understand the root causes of the riots that shocked the nation.

Panel: I Riot Because I Can: Here we will be looking at who was involved in the riots, the role of race, gangs, a deeper dive into the man on the street holding the camera. Could things have been different? With guest speakers Sebastian Theil, CK Flash, Peckham BMX, and Polly Courtney, Novelist of ‘Feral Youth’ and Teddy Nygh, Co-Founder of Fully-Focused Productions.

Four Shorts:

PIRAHNA by Elcid Asaei – Haunted by visions of chasing rioters, a junior banker tries to make it safely to the financial headquarters of the City for his first day at work, but little does he know the greatest danger facing him is not from the rioters.

Hometown Glory by Flo Codjoe – Takes an in depth look at the Summer riots in London in 2011. Through media footage, interviews with local residents and youth and community workers, this documentary looks at the reasons for, and reactions to, these events that shocked London.

Recover & Rebuild by Rebecca Richards – Focusing on the riots, this short documentary tells the story of a small family business that was directly hit in Croydon.

The Revolution Will Not be Televised by Exposure – a music video for Gil Scott-Heron’s poem by Exposure UK.

Blue Room

Screenings start at 12:30 with the 45 minute film Riot from Wrong by Teddy Nygh. This film is a remarkable feature length youth-led documentary; filmed across the breadth of the United Kingdom in the aftermath of the riots of 2011.

One Mile Away by Penny Woolcock. This is a documentary follow-up to Woolcock’s UK grime musical 1 Day (2009). Penny Woolcock’s documentary charts the attempts by two warring gangs, the Burger Bar Boys (B21) and the Johnson Crew (B6), to bring peace to their neighbourhoods in inner city of Birmingham.

Panel: Making Riot History: Joined by top film talent whom either documented, captured or were involved in the riots, Producer Nicky Slim, Actor Femi Oyeniran, actor and ex gang member Dylan Duffus and Symeon Brown, investigative reporter and senior researcher for The Guardian’s Reading the Riots study.

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