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The world’s first crowd sourced Instagram documentary!


We’re using the power of social media to create a crowd-sourced instagram documentary with footage from across the world with the  GIRL EFFECT. Celebrating and empowering girls across the world, GIRL EFFECT is committed to ensuring that girls are enabled to be the best they can be, as girls are the biggest potential agents of change.

We wanted to create a historic campaign with an instantly engaging concept that globally people wanted to be part of. ‘Freedom is’, a call to action that will resonate across the world and captures the celebratory, aspirational and authentic experience of men and women who are committed to empowering women and girls and ending forced marriage and female genital mutilation, two of the biggest threats to adolescent girls today.

Revealing the contemporary female experience in all its variety, from the funny and frightful to the empowering and impressive, it’s incredibly liberating women that women are now able to talk publically about the challenges that they are facing because of their gender and that men are supporting them. The final film will be screened at the first ever Girl Summit which aims to mobilise  domestic and international efforts to end FGM and child, early and forced marriage within a generation.

Want to get involved in the campaign? Upload your video to Instagram and tell us what freedom is to you with the hashtags #FreedomIs #EndFGM #EndChildMarriage #GirlSummit. We’re looking forward to watching your videos!