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Going Digital with the Princes Trust


Currently there are a lot of great initiatives that are committed to making sure young people in the UK have the the skills they need to thrive in the digital age as it becomes clearer the immense role tech will play in the future. At Latimer we know how vital it is that young people understand how to use technology and in addition to our work on the iDEA Award and Make Things Do Stuff we’ve also been working with an amazing group from the Princes Trust’s, Team Programme.

We showed Unique Unity how they can use social media to support their community project, helped them create an online portfolio and taught them some key skills about presenting, all of which will be extremely beneficial in their future careers. To see some of the results you can check out their Tumblr here and follow them on Twitter @uniqueunity_pt to keep up to date with them as they decorate a local nursery.

Also, as part of their course, two of the teenagers from the project, Lorena and Romi, came to Latimer HQ for a couple of weeks to do work experience. We kept them busy writing blogs and learning how to edit. They even squeezed in a trip to see Penny Woolcock’s beautiful new opera The Pearl Fishers. Talented and enthusiastic we hope to see them back at Latimer very soon…

Interested in helping young people develop their digital skills? Email info@latimergroup.org