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Lambeth LEAPs Forward

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We were thrilled to hear that the amazing Lambeth LEAP project has received £38 million funding from the Big Lottery Fund so that they’re amazing work will be able to continue!

Lambeth Leap supports parents and children in Lambeth to have the best start in life possible. Encompassing a range of projects including increasing rates of breast-feeding, healthy eating classes and workshop for young fathers, it has made a big difference in lives of many Lambeth residents.

Our film about the project revealed the significant progress that has already been made in Lambeth because of the scheme. Interviewing several people involved with LEAP from directors to service users,  it highlighted how more funding will have a huge impact on the health of wellbeing of people in the entire borough by investing in improving the lives of 10,000 children in Lambeth now.

You can watch the film here:

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