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It’s Time to Change


It’s time to change how we talk to young people about mental health. 1 in 10 young people experience mental health problems and it’s critical that they know that they are not alone. We worked with Time to Change and Media Com to create a campaign that will resonate with young people and encourage them to talk about their mental health.

We started how we always do by talking to a group of young people about the issues. We were able to generate some much needed insights about how young people perceive mental health & it was incredibly encouraging to see how open young people were to supporting those who are struggling. It was evident that everyone had someone close to them who had mental health or had struggled themselves.
Here are two key insights that came out of our workshops.

1. We need to stop minimising the experiences of young people

Between the stresses of school, changing friendships and trying to understand & define who they are young people are under a lot of pressure. Young people know they are young and reducing their feelings simply to their age mean they are more hesitant to share when they are struggling for fear of being described as simply hormonal and or stroppy. The young people we worked with felt that people don’t really to listen them. They aren’t expecting a perfect solution to their problem instead they are looking for someone who genuinely listens and empathises.

2. It really is the little things

9/10 suffering from mental illness say the stigma makes it harder. 
1 in 10 young people equates to 3 people in every classroom.
‘It’s an everyday struggle but I don’t want to talk about it everyday.’
A much needed catch-up. A casual text. That’s all it takes to help someone with a mental health illness to feel less alone. As one of the guys in our workshop said ‘“If all it takes is a conversation, anyone can be a hero. They just need to know how’ It’s so important that young people know that their friends, family and teacher do not define them by their illness. Knowing they have the support makes them feel less isolated.

We’re really proud of the final film which we made with popular Youtubers such as Musical Bethan and  Jack and Dean. Watch it here and let us know what you think!

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