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Latimer Going Viral at Camden Create

Last week, Latimer was excited to be a part of the first event Camden Create! A festival, dedicated to showcasing local businesses and strengthening community ties, it was exciting to see so many vibrant and innovative creative companies, thriving.

Keen to help young entrepreneurs further their careers, Latimer organised two sessions: How to go Viral and Latimer Talent Presents: The Connection .

During the ‘How to go Viral’ session it was thrilling to see local creatives collaborating. The Latimer team demonstrated how our working model, co creation results in pioneering campaigns with mass reach.

Popular YouTube Trender, Ali Jardine discussed popular viral videos, ‘Set Yourself Free’ and ‘This is a Generic Brand Video’ and showed how used key these principles:

• Grabbing attention
• Targeting
• Being sharable
• Being Repeatable
• Emotionally connecting with the audience

Latimer Talent Presents: The Connection saw Radio 1Extra producer Davina O’Garro and producer of shows such as Take me Out and Big Brother, Lauren Garvey give young people keen to get their foot in the door, practical advice.

Davina’s story of overcoming setbacks and doing whatever it took to get as much experience as possible was inspiring. Lauren’s anecdotes from behind the scenes of the country’s top shows were hilarious but also revealed how important it is to do your research and be tenacious!

A wonderful afternoon, Camden Create was a fantastic opportunity to share our expertise and get a peek at what other local artists and businesses are doing. We’re already looking to next year!

Curious about viral campaigns or taking the next steps in your media career? Email us at info@latimergroup.org