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Lambeth Digital Media Campaign

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We’re working with talented young people and Lambeth Council to create a digital media campaign that will educate Lambeth’s youth about sexual health issues and the resources available to them in the borough.

It’s crucial that young people have high quality resources, about important issues that they can relate to and at Latimer, we know the best way to engage with young people is to co-create with them to create exciting content that their peers will connect with.

The young people involved are creating, planning, shooting and editing two films as part of a professional production team and developing an interactive website that will address topical sexual health concerns in fun, innovative way. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn the practicalities of developing an entire campaign as well as a perfect platform for young people to express their opinions in a creative way.

As well as learning valuable media skills that will be an asset to them in the future careers, the participants will also become peer ambassadors of the project in their borough.

The project has already started but if you know of any talented young people that are interested in their community and or want to develop their media skills please contact info@latimergroup.org