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Latimer, MTDS & Free:Formers host Digital Workshop


Ever wanted to learn how to create an amazing social media strategy, post a targeted advert to Facebook, launch a mobile app and, most impressively, code? FOR FREE? Yeah, so do we, which is why we called up the awesome guys at Free:Formers and  Make Things Do Stuff asked them to help us host a fantastic digital workshop on 4th April at the BFI for our youth network.

Free:Formers run inspiring hands-on workshops that aim to empower people by giving them the practical digital skills needed to unlock the secrets of the internet and dominate the online world.

12 of our youth network members looking to boost their digital skills came down to the free workshop on Friday, as Ed, Kalinda and their great team at Free:Formers shared a wealth of digital info essential to the successful running of any kind of online brand, new business or cool launch event.


We learnt how to create our own websites through coding on jsbin.cm (not as impossible as you might think), how to make a mobile friendly site, how to protect ourselves online and how to market a brand differently according to what social media account you’re using to push it.

As the world becomes more digitally focused, those with the skills essential to help create websites, brands, launch apps and understand social media are being chased down and employed by companies of all sectors. A recent study carried out on behalf of O2 at the end of last year discovered that the UK will be short by 750,000 skilled digital workers by 2017 unless a push for digital skills is made, meaning that if you can code and do all that fun stuff, you’re pretty much gold dust to employers at the moment… which is why companies like Free:Formers are so important!

Overall it was a great day, with every single one of the workshop attendees being able to boast enhanced skills, a new-found enthusiasm for coding and the essential tech knowledge needed to launch and support a new business online. Special thanks to the brill Free:Formers guys and everyone who took part in the workshop – you are all wonderful digital people!