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Latimer at Youth Marketing Strategy 2014


The 25th of March saw the Latimer team and a group of 15 awesome 16-24 year-olds head to The Royal College of Physicians on a mission to bring co-creation to big brands and marketing buffs at the much-anticipated Youth Marketing Strategy 2014 event.

The co-creation workshop saw our enthusiastic (and brilliantly opinionated) group of young people collaborate with delegates to create a marketing okanfor a wearable tech product that young people would actually wear. Split into teams, the attendees competed with one another to create the best and most appealing strategy, seeking the opinions of our young team at every stage.

Competition was fierce (no seriously, heckling was involved) but the ‘On It’ team, who created a smartwatch that tracks your movements throughout the day and offers contextual advice e.g. “Don’t eat that”, ‘Walk up the escalator, don’t just stand”, was eventually crowned the winners.

By actually working with their target group and constantly seeking their opinions at every stage of the creative process, the On It team was able to tap into the insight offered by our young people and create and market a great product that resonated with and appealed to our young team. AND THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF CO-CREATION!

A great workshop and a fantastic afternoon, cheers to all the guys at Voxburner for organising the event and most importantly, thanks to our awesome young participants!

If you’re interested in finding out more about how your brand can work more closely with young people, please contact info@latimergroup.org.