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Latimer Group, The Official Co-Creation Partner At ‘Youth In Tech’ Next Week


Today, we are pleased to announce that Latimer has been chosen as the official ‘co-creation’ partners for next week’s ‘Youth In Tech’ day, as part of the wider ‘Youth Marketing Strategy 2014’ conference.

Attended by some of the biggest brands in the country, ‘Youth in Tech’ is focused on how young people interact with technology and will be led by top tech experts and young people breaking tech boundaries, including Microsoft’s Dave Coplin, BBC1 Presenter and Tech ambassador: Maggie Philbin as well as young people breaking tech boundaries themselves: Balderton Capital’s: Boris van den Belt, Sony’s: Charlie Tisma and Playgen’s Ben Cox.

We’ll be spending the afternoon co-creating with a cohort of our young people & over 100 of the best brands in the UK, showing the huge benefits to be gained for organisations who choose to collaborate on a level playing field with their customers or service users.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how your brand can work more closely with young people, please contact james@latimergroup.org