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Involve Young People In The Creative Process

Here at Latimer, young people are at the heart of what we do. We know that in order to make successful campaigns, that are innovative and engaging, young people need to be involved in the creative process. Here are our 5 reasons why:

1. Greater reach

By using the right influencers to share your content you can access a much wider group of young people than by using traditional methods. On our projects we’ve used online trenders such as Mandem on the Wall to engage a wider audience that is typically is harder to reach.

2. 90% of young people say that they trust peer recommendations

Young people value the opinion of other young people. Knowing that their peers like a campaign or a product means that a young person is far more likely to engage with your content and pass it along. Young people we have worked with have gone on to become ambassadors projects in their schools and friendship groups.

3. Authentic messages

Co-creating with young people ensures that the priorities of young people are foremost. Young people know best what young people want and they can deliver that message in a relevant way. In 2006, Sony launched the website alliwantforxmasisapsp.com, their cringeworthy attempt to demonstrate their cool involved a grown man dressed in trackie bottoms wearing a gold chain, rapping about asking his parents for a PSP. Irony? The ‘youth’ didn’t agree. Now, if Sony had involved their audience in the development process, it’s likely this campaign would not be considered one of the worst in history.

4. A greater understanding of how young people engage with your product or services

To understand how best to appeal to your target audience, it is really important to know how young people use your product or services. Originally, aimed at the business people, Blackberry also struck a chord with the younger generation. Blackberry Messenger -BBM, revolutionised how young people communicate despite that not being it’s original intention.

5. Positive impact on young people

Getting young people involved in campaigns and sharing their opinions means that not only can we create really cool content but also make a positive difference in a young person’s future. 73% of young people who worked with us reported greater career ambitions and 92% said that their technical and soft skills had improved. A collaborative approach to marketing, results not only in a successful campaign but it also has a long-term impact on the careers of the young people involved.

Want to find out more about how you can work with young people during the creative process?
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