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Why Co-creation is King

1. Co-creation is not crowd sourcing

Co creation does not mean handing your company over. Instead it’s a chance for you to work with your target audience to create a campaign or product that resonates with them and also stays true to your brand values.

2. It’s a universal trend

Across all sectors people are recognising the value of co-creation. Brands such as Microsoft are using co creation to come up with innovative marketing ideas. We’ve run development labs with broadcasters such as Channel 4 and Sky. Our recent Cutting Edge commission was a result of insight sessions we ran with young people in Birmingham about hidden subcultures.

3. Co-creation drives innovation

Collaborating with consumers mean you are able to respond quickly to feedback and adapt accordingly. You will constantly confront the assumptions you have about your product and services.

Cocreation 2

4. Co-creation is fun!

Working with your audience and hearing their fresh perspective never fails to be entertaining and inspiring. Co- creation is an incredible way to reinvigorate your brand and generate truly unique ideas.

5. It’s revolutionary

This is a new era. Gone are the days where ‘professionals’ come up with ideas behind closed doors. The best way to find out what people want is to get them to tell you. Simple as that. Co-creation encourages a diverse group of people to get involved in shaping the future by sharing how they use products and services.

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