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Something Nice from Zimbabwe

Last week, Latimer was thrilled to welcome Jill Coates [Country Director, British Council Zimbabwe] and Kudzayi Ngwerume [Arts Manager, British Council Zimbabwe] and be able to finally introduce them to our, ever expanding, UK team.

Responsible for commissioning our pioneering campaign in Zimbabwe, where we co-created with local filmmakers and the production of our latest film, Something Nice from London, it was really great to see Jill and Kudzayi make it over to the UK and be given the chance to meet some of those involved in the production outside of Zim.

A professional training programme, the British Council project sought to introduce young Zimbabweans to Latimer’s working model by partnering with them in the production of a broadcast quality film.

The finished product, Something Nice from London will be entered into festivals world wide, providing practitioners with a show reel. Meanwhile, Latimer will continue to support local filmmakers in developing their projects. To this end a trust has been set up by the Zimbabwean crew that will allow the local team to commercialise the film in Africa, with all proceeds going towards financing their future projects.

We really look forward to working with the British Council again soon and hope to welcome back Jill & Kudzayi in the near future.

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