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We didn’t think it was right that young people weren’t getting heard on youth issues. Here’s what we’ve decided to do about it.


Back in September we teamed up with Children England to run a UK-wide programme called #MyManifesto. At different hubs across the country we empowered young people to tell the world what really matters. These Manifestos will be taken to the biggest conference in the UK for third sector organisations who care about what happens to kids. Not only will these young people have the chance to tell some of the most powerful organisations in the country what needs to be done, they will broadcast films they have made which capture these insights.

So where next I hear you ask? We are taking the My Manifesto programme to the incredible team at the Active Change Foundation in Waltham Forest. Latimer Group, Children England and the mentors at the Active Change Foundation have combined as an unstoppable force specialising in youth issues, policy, youth engagement, filmmaking and drama therapy. Together, we are working with young people to develop their digital skills, knowledge of the issues and confidence to speak their mind. We’ll let you know how it all goes by the end of next week.

If you’ve got a group of young people in mind who might benefit from the programme – or you’re just a bit curious and what to know what’s up, drop me an email at suzy@latimergroup.org.