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One of the Gang


Latimer has produced four films for the University of Bedfordshire in partnership with the OCC as part of a report about sexual violence and exploitation in gangs. Latimer worked with young people across the UK to form a response to their peers and policy makers about how problems can be addressed.

The four films, shot in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Derby give a voice to young people across the country. Gang violence is often discussed, however, young people involved or who have been involved with gangs rarely have the opportunity to share their stories. At Latimer, we believe that it’s vital young people have the opportunity to share their experiences if we are going to make decisions that involve their futures.

Girls that find themselves in gangs often find themselves in a precarious position, being manipulated into doing things they are uncomfortable with. Often they are coerced into holding weapons and drugs and are told to have sex with multiple gang members. Sadly, young women are sometimes unaware that they have been a victim of a crime. If they are, they are often too afraid to report incidents to the police for fear of the repercussions. Young men shared that they are also victims as pressure from other gang members means that boys are compelled to commit crimes against their will.

The insights in the films are often shocking but ultimately there is a sense of hope. Young people are confident that by educating both young men and women about sexual violence things can change for the better. The films make it clear that young people desperately need strong role models and someone who is willing to listen to them. By raising awareness and making sure that people are aware of the resources available a positive difference can be made to the lives of people affected by gangs.

You can watch the four films here.

If you are interested in finding out more about this project and receiving a copy of the report and the DVD please contact olive@latimercreativemedia.com