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#MyManifesto: Reinventing Public Policy

We’re working on an exciting new project – #MyManifesto – to give young people a voice on youth issues. Interested parties are welcome to get involved!

In the run up to the next election we have partnered with Children England to create #MyManifesto, a youth-led campaign to identify the issues that matter most to young people and influence the manifestos of the three main political parties accordingly.

Across a number of local authorities in the UK we will be working closely with groups of 10 young people to:

1. Identify the issues that matter most to young people in your local authority.
2. Crowd source the policy insights and ideas of their peers through social media.
3. Showcase the policy ideas of young people in your LA by co-creating a broadcast quality piece of film content.
4. Have young people attend & present their work to leading policy-makers and children’s charities at Children England’s 2014 National Conference.

What is #MyManifesto aiming for:

– Advocacy at the highest level for the issues that matter most to young people in each local authority
– Targeted insights into young people’s idea for their local authority
– A campaign that catalyses civic engagement in their local authority
– Accreditation & policy advocacy training for 10 young people.

If you are interested in having your local authority take part or would like to know more about the project please get in touch with me by email at suzy@latimergroup.org or on 0208 617 8589.