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What I did with Latimer #9 – Adam

What I did with Latimer

When I first heard about the auditions for the role of Jason, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. The audition brief I received told me only that Latimer wanted actors ‘for their forthcoming improvised drama about an abusive relationship’. Having done no work in film before I figured ‘’what the heck’’ and sent a head shot and bio to Latimer and less than a month later I was surprised to find myself trying to eat Chinese food while I waited on tender hooks to hear back from the director as to whether I had the part after a tense day of auditions and call-backs. Three months later signalled the start of filming and I spent three fantastic days on set in Newcastle. Filming, although nerve-wracking at first, was an awesome emotional roller-coaster. The director, Nick, was inspiring and I learned lots, whether it was about camera angles or continuity or the fact that you can’t film when planes or birds fly over (The Boom Op said he could hear them!). I and the two actresses playing my mother and sister quickly formed a bond, people on set remarking that the three of us looked ‘like a real family’. We managed to keep laughing and smiling throughout our time together, even when things got tough. A number of ‘bloopers’ occurred throughout the days of filming, things that would not seem funny to any but those on set! When the final day arrived, the feeling among the actors was bitter-sweet, knowing that we had almost finished our work coupled with the fact that that day was to be our last together. But, without Latimer I would never have done all I did in that short time. I met some people, I made some friends and the days we spent together were some of the best days of my life.