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‘Something Nice from London’ Trailer

We are very excited to announce that the trailer for Something Nice from London is ready. The film is the result of a collaboration between Latimer and the British Council.


Set in Zimbabwe, the feature-length film focuses on death and the importance of family. Tensions rise in modern-day Harare as the Chikwiro family waits for their dead son’s body to arrive from London. Relatives swirl in, helping themselves to provisions while Mary Chikwiro and her mother are faced not only with the grief of Peter’s death, but also the financial pressure of hosting their family. Days pass and still no coffin.

Conflict over where to bury Peter’s body fuels the chaos; mother insists on the local cemetery, but Matyaya and Jonathan are persuading the family to consider Shurugwi, where Peter’s father was buried. Mary’s cousin Lisa, who also lives in England, informs the Harare relatives that it could be yet another week before Peter’s body arrives, so Mary must use the last of the relations’ cash to stock the food cupboards, as they await something not so nice from London.

Something Nice from London was adapted for the screen from Petina Gappah’s “An Elegy for Easterly” a collection of short stories that won the Guardian First Book Award in 2009.

It was Petina’s very first story.

Something Nice from London

A professional training programme, this project sought to introduce young Zimbabwean filmmakers to Latimer’s working techniques by partnering them in the production of a broadcast quality film. The project partnered with the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and Savanna Arts Trust to identify the film team, and to deliver filmmaking workshops for the cast and crew.

Latimer has developed a unique working method that emphasizes low budget filmmaking techniques including improvisation, adapting prose for the screen and the use of a handheld camera – negating the extra cost of rigs and pulleys etc – whilst imparting and building on local partners’ creative and technical skills.

The project team underwent a rigorous selection process interviewing over 200 Zimbabwean artists and technicians in Harare and Bulawayo, with the successful team comprising of Josh Changa, Joe Njagu, Yeukai Ndarimani, Rufaro Kaseke, Taurai Kawara and Leonard Matsa in what was an inspiring and truly collaborative adventure.

Latimer believes this project has created an exciting and fruitful partnership with local filmmakers in Zimbabwe. The collaboration between the filmmakers and Latimer created a platform where ideas and skills were exchanged resulting in a mutually beneficial experience.

Something Nice from London will now be entered into festivals world wide, providing practitioners with a show reel. Meanwhile, Latimer will continue to support local filmmakers in developing their projects. To this end a TRUST has been set up by the Zimbabwean crew that will allow the local team to commercialise the film in Africa, with all proceeds going towards financing their future projects.

Lovewell Chisango, an actor with 20 years of experience in film, TV, theatre and radio, said his part in Something Nice from London was “one of the most interesting roles I have played in all the years I have been on screen.”

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