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What I did with Latimer #4 – Reuben

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I was part of the production team for a film called ‘TINY‘. I was mainly editing a documentary based on the film and behind the scenes. I fully enjoyed this, because it helped me improve my story telling skills as well as improving my editing skills and use of FCP.

After this I was chosen for work experience on the set of BBC’s ‘PEAKY BLINDERS’. This was amazing. I experienced a lot of different things and I was able to move around and learn from people in all different departments from Production Management to the Locations department, aswell as shadowing the Director on set.

Overall, I enjoyed soaking up the energy of a professional set with professional, friendly people. Even just thinking of the time I spent on this experience motivates me to keep chasing a career in the industry, because I have had first hand experience I know it is possible. Thanks to Latimer!