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What I did with Latimer #3 – Kerri


Kerrigan Williams, an American intern through CAPA International, describes her experience interning with Latimer Group.


In short, Latimer Group is the home of co-created media with a youth-centred focus. I worked mostly with Latimer Creative Media and Latimer Inc., two of the three branches of the company. Latimer is a fast-paced work environment. With a small team, they work on several projects at a time, writing, producing & editing at one given time. My co-workers were the team that make it happen. They are all young, talented workers.
So where did I come in? As a Strat Comm intern, I wrote blogs & newsletters, boosted websites’ SEO ranking, drove traffic, managed social media, researched for productions, planned events and much more… There were new challenges every day and there was never a dull moment – which I loved! It’s been rewarding to help with Latimer’s work in the third sector and social issues.
I’m sad to be leaving a place I spent hundreds of hours with over the past few months. I’ve been proud to be part of the Latimer team. Whenever I come back to London, I know it won’t be the same.  I’ll be a visitor. But I’ll always have my time at Latimer to look back and remember life as a Londoner.